Impounded Vehicles

In the event that your vehicle has been impounded by Law Enforcement, the below is a guideline of the necessary paperwork you will be required to provide in order to claim your vehicle:

  Identification- A valid driver’s license or Government issued photo ID card

    must be presented.

  Proof of Ownership- Owner must provide valid registration or vehicle title, 

    in the event of a title transfer (if you have not received the new title in your

    name)- paperwork stamped by the DMV showing the transfer has been

    applied for. Vehicles may only be released to the registered owner (or

    designated representative with a signed letter from the registered owner.)

  Police Hold- If a hold has been placed on your vehicle by a police agency,

    you must obtain a release from that agency before the vehicle can be  

    released from our facility. 

    Proof of insurance, if required, may be faxed to the Impound Office.

  Payment- Cash payment is the only accepted form of payment for

    impounded vehicles.

Personal Belongings

Belongings in the vehicle can be released to the vehicle’s registered owner ONLY. If the owner is unable or unavailable to retrieve their belongings, written authorization from the registered owner will be needed by the individual actually retrieving the items for the owner. 



Office Hours



Saturday & Sunday



Office / Impound Facility

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After Hours Gate Fee



(Please note: This fee will be charged for all vehicles released and for the removal of all personal belongings after hours, anytime outside of our standard office hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm)